1 GBP to PRB - Convert 1 British pound to Transnistrian ruble

Conversion from British pound £ (GBP) to Transnistrian ruble р. (PRB) using live exchane rates

1 British pound £ converts to .00 Transnistrian ruble р. i.e. 1 GBP = .00 PRB

1 GBP to PRB Conversion in words

  • One GBP to PRB
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GBP PRB Conversion Table

Quick conversion table showing conversion rates between GBP PRB pair.
1 GBP=.00 PRB1 PRB=.00 GBP
10 GBP=.00 PRB10 PRB=.00 GBP
20 GBP=.00 PRB20 PRB=.00 GBP
50 GBP=.00 PRB50 PRB=.00 GBP
100 GBP=.00 PRB100 PRB=.00 GBP
500 GBP=.00 PRB500 PRB=.00 GBP
1000 GBP=.00 PRB1000 PRB=.00 GBP

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GBP PRB Trend Chart

Currency chart displaying rates for GBP PRB pair. GBP to PRB trend chart Last 1 months index performance and chart outlook for GBP / PRB .
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