1 IRR to CHF - Convert 1 Iranian rial to Swiss franc

Conversion from Iranian rial ﷼ (IRR) to Swiss franc Fr (CHF) using live exchane rates

1 Iranian rial ﷼ converts to .00 Swiss franc Fr i.e. 1 IRR = .00 CHF

1 IRR to CHF Conversion in words

  • One IRR to CHF
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IRR CHF Conversion Table

Quick conversion table showing conversion rates between IRR CHF pair.
1 IRR=.00 CHF1 CHF=34881.40 IRR
10 IRR=.00 CHF10 CHF=348813.98 IRR
20 IRR=.00 CHF20 CHF=697627.97 IRR
50 IRR=.00 CHF50 CHF=1744069.92 IRR
100 IRR=.00 CHF100 CHF=3488139.84 IRR
500 IRR=.00 CHF500 CHF=17440699.20 IRR
1000 IRR=.00 CHF1000 CHF=34881398.40 IRR

IRR CHF Trend Chart

Currency chart displaying rates for IRR CHF pair. IRR to CHF trend chart Last 1 months index performance and chart outlook for IRR / CHF .
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