1 KMF to CNY

Conversion from 1 Comorian Franc to Chinese Yuan using latest Foreign Currency Exchange Rates.

1 KMF = .02 CNY 1 Comorian Franc converts to .02 Chinese Yuan. check conversion rate for ↺ 1 CNY to KMF

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Conversion from 1 KMF to CNY in words

  • One KMF to CNY
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Quick Conversion from Comorian Franc to Chinese Yuan

Fr 1 KMF=¥ .02 CNY1 CNY=62.97 KMF
Fr 5 KMF=¥ .08 CNY5 CNY=314.84 KMF
Fr 10 KMF=¥ .16 CNY10 CNY=629.67 KMF
Fr 20 KMF=¥ .32 CNY20 CNY=1259.35 KMF
Fr 50 KMF=¥ .79 CNY50 CNY=3148.37 KMF
Fr 100 KMF=¥ 1.59 CNY100 CNY=6296.74 KMF
Fr 500 KMF=¥ 7.94 CNY500 CNY=31483.71 KMF
Fr 1000 KMF=¥ 15.88 CNY1000 CNY=62967.42 KMF
Fr 2000 KMF=¥ 31.76 CNY2000 CNY=125934.84 KMF
Fr 4000 KMF=¥ 63.52 CNY4000 CNY=251869.68 KMF
Fr 5000 KMF=¥ 79.41 CNY5000 CNY=314837.10 KMF
Fr 10000 KMF=¥ 158.81 CNY10000 CNY=629674.19 KMF

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📈 KMF CNY Trend Chart
Currency chart displaying rates for KMF CNY pair. KMF to CNY trend chart Last 1 months index performance and chart outlook for KMF / CNY .

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