You can find Eritrean nakfa exchange rates table below. A very simple and user friendly Eritrean nakfa Exchange Rate Calculator with other popular currencies. The list of currency pair given below shows today's [] exchange rate of ERN against world's most popular economies/currencies.

Currency of country Eritrea is Eritrean nakfa

Full Name Eritrean nakfa
Symbol Nfk
Country Eritrea
Code ER

Eritrean nakfa - ERN

Currency PairValue
vs USD to ERN 14.9985
vs EUR to ERN 16.8081
vs GBP to ERN 19.0676
vs ERN to INR 4.6258
vs AUD to ERN 10.3910
vs CAD to ERN 11.1617
vs AED to ERN 4.0832
vs MYR to ERN 3.5809
vs CHF to ERN 14.9730
vs CNY to ERN 2.1736
vs ERN to THB 2.1188
vs ERN to JPY 7.2884