KES to ZAR Exchange Rate

Conversion from Kenyan Shilling to South African Rand using latest Foreign Currency Exchange Rates.

1.00 KES = 0.14 ZAR

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KES ZAR Conversion Widget

To add KES to ZAR #widget to your website, you simply need to copy the code below and paste it into the desired position in your websites HTML source code.
In case of any problems installing out Currency Rates Widget on your website, you can contact us form contact section of the website.

Conversion from Kenyan Shilling to South African Rand

1 KES to ZAR =R .14 ZAR1 ZAR to KES =Sh 7.15 KES
5 KES to ZAR =R .70 ZAR5 ZAR to KES =Sh 35.76 KES
10 KES to ZAR =R 1.40 ZAR10 ZAR to KES =Sh 71.51 KES
20 KES to ZAR =R 2.80 ZAR20 ZAR to KES =Sh 143.03 KES
50 KES to ZAR =R 6.99 ZAR50 ZAR to KES =Sh 357.57 KES
100 KES to ZAR =R 13.98 ZAR100 ZAR to KES =Sh 715.14 KES
500 KES to ZAR =R 69.92 ZAR500 ZAR to KES =Sh 3575.69 KES
1000 KES to ZAR =R 139.83 ZAR1000 ZAR to KES =Sh 7151.37 KES
2000 KES to ZAR =R 279.67 ZAR2000 ZAR to KES =Sh 14302.75 KES
4000 KES to ZAR =R 559.33 ZAR4000 ZAR to KES =Sh 28605.50 KES
5000 KES to ZAR =R 699.17 ZAR5000 ZAR to KES =Sh 35756.87 KES
10000 KES to ZAR =R 1398.33 ZAR10000 ZAR to KES =Sh 71513.75 KES

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