You can find Malagasy ariary exchange rates table below. A very simple and user friendly Malagasy ariary Exchange Rate Calculator with other popular currencies. The list of currency pair given below shows today's [] exchange rate of MGA against world's most popular economies/currencies.

Currency of country Madagascar is Malagasy ariary

Full Name Malagasy ariary
Symbol Ar
Country Madagascar
Code MG

Malagasy ariary - MGA

Currency PairValue
vs USD to MGA 3722.0000
vs EUR to MGA 4105.3357
vs GBP to MGA 4621.2890
vs INR to MGA 49.4454
vs AUD to MGA 2293.1851
vs CAD to MGA 2626.6390
vs AED to MGA 1013.3268
vs MYR to MGA 859.6836
vs CHF to MGA 3889.2738
vs CNY to MGA 523.9523
vs THB to MGA 113.8916
vs JPY to MGA 34.4959