You can find Venezuelan bolívar exchange rates table below. A very simple and user friendly Venezuelan bolívar Exchange Rate Calculator with other popular currencies. The list of currency pair given below shows today's [] exchange rate of VEF against world's most popular economies/currencies.

Currency of country Venezuela is Venezuelan bolívar

Full Name Venezuelan bolívar
Symbol Bs F
Country Venezuela
Code VE

Venezuelan bolívar - VEF

Currency PairValue
vs USD to VEF 213830000000.0000
vs EUR to VEF 259715810198.4280
vs GBP to VEF 301500239699.9520
vs INR to VEF 2918021646.0082
vs AUD to VEF 166270100463.4380
vs CAD to VEF 176597870881.9570
vs AED to VEF 58215131632.6808
vs MYR to VEF 51831293176.5847
vs CHF to VEF 237171993229.6780
vs CNY to VEF 33218374733.9641
vs THB to VEF 6822822937.8055
vs JPY to VEF 1955017142.8571